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Genital Autonomy Legal Defense and Education Fund (GALDEF) is a non-profit, membership-based genital autonomy legal group, founded by pioneering activist Tim Hammond, along with John Adkison and other spirited human rights advocates.


GALDEF raises funds for "impact litigation" to establish legal precedents for recognition of children's rights to bodily integrity and genital autonomy regardless of gender, but especially for those not already protected by law (e.g. those assigned male at birth or intersex).

GALDEF trains attorneys on the complexities involved in winning such cases and with the hope of building a coalition of attorneys who are prepared to bring viable cases to U.S. courts of law.

GALDEF is compiling resources – both educational and financial – to assist a new generation of attorneys to bring successful cases challenging inadequate circumcision consent forms, hospitals and doctors who aggressively solicit parents for infant circumcision, forced foreskin retraction, and state Medicaid payments for medically unnecessary circumcisions.

GALDEF seeks individuals for the Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, the Grant Review Committee, and other positions (media/social media, fundraising, graphics/website design, etc). GALDEF will emphasize being an inclusive and welcoming organization to ensure diversity with regard to sex/gender, race, religion and sexual orientation/gender identity within its board, officers and membership.

Please read more about GALDEF and consider offering your time, skills, talents and passion to create this new and vitally needed organization.

Legal Defense and Education Fund

In the history of civil and human rights movements in the USA, LDEFs have been instrumental in advancing legal recognition of the rights of women, blacks, LGBTQIA+ people, the disabled and other groups in need of greater protection under the law. Examples include Lambda Legal, GLAD, NAACP, and NOW.

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