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Peter H. Kilmarx, M.D.[a 1], is an epidemiologist with the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Kilmarx is an expert on infectious disease research and HIV/AIDS prevention who previously served as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Country Director in Zimbabwe, providing oversight for 30 CDC staff who managed implementation of the U.S. efforts to reduce HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria. He is now deputy director of the Fogarty International Center.[1]


Adult life

Kilmarx joined the Peace Corp and served in Africa. He joined the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1995,[2] where he served as Chief, Epidemiology Branch, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention. Kilmarx is substantially responsible for the encouragement of non-therapeutic circumcision at the CDC.[3] There is substantial evidence that Kilmarx holds a high degree of bias in favor of circumcision.

Fish et al. (2020) identify Kilmarx as a major architect of the CDC's erroneous circumcision promotion policy with its racist orientation.[4]


Kilmarx is a very active writer. He is listed as as author or co-author of 121 articles by the PubMed service of the National Library of Medicine. Some are very pro-circumcision.

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