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Andrew Gross 2018

Andrew Gross is a Jewish circumcision advocate from Union City, California, USA. He is a member of Peninsula Sinai Congregation in Foster City, California.[1] He is an admin for the Circumcision Choice Facebook page and a contributor to the Circumcision Choice website.[2]

Circumcision Choice

Gross is at least the main author of, but obviously the only contributor to Circumcision Choice, a blog which claims to "supporting choice NOT misinformation" about male circumcision, esp. on minors. Neutral information is always a good idea and even the claim to stop bullying attacks by intactivists is honorable. But the choice of words on the website shows that it is not interested in neutral information, but in combating intactivism. They even mock about people who cannot stand the psychological pain of being mutilated as a child ("Intactivism is a Mental Disorder").[3]

Their "mission"

We are a group of concerned citizens who have first hand experience dealing with the crazy online world of anti-circumcision activism. We are neither trying to promote circumcision nor discourage it, but we definitely want to promote good information for parents and other interested people with regards to routine infant circumcision.
We feel someone needs to stand up for informed consent and parental choice when it comes to circumcision. Someone also needs to stand up against the bullying and hate speech by anti-circumcision fanatics! Enough is enough!
– Circumcision Choice[4]

This "mission" clearly shows that he absolutely believes in a parental right of choice for genital mutilation of minors without any medical indication. This way he totally ignores the parental duty to protect children from harm. Circumcision promoters like him often totally ignore the human rights of the child. He even ignores the physical fact that "circumcision" aka foreskin amputation is always genital mutilation by definition.[5]

Guessed reasons for his engagement

This behavior is a normal response from people who have become aware that they too were victims of early childhood circumcision and are now trying to resolve the cognitive dissonance and dilemma. Because Gross is a Jewish American man, it is obvious that he is circumcised himself - probably on his 8th day of life as usual in Judaism. He doesn't like this obvious link to be seen.[5] A cognitive dissonance can develop from the dilemma that you believe that your parents always love you and won't harm you in any way, but then you get information that they had someone remove an intact, healthy, most sensitive and protecting part from your most private parts when you were a newborn, the foreskin.

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