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Welcome to IntactiWiki.

IntactiWiki is your information platform about the topics MGM, FGM + IGM, all of them meaning HGM.

Intactivists are protecting male, female and intersex genitals of children from parental ignorance, religious zealotry, medical greed and cultural myths. Please read how Arguments pro circumcision have been refuted.

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WARNING: This website contains non-pornographic nudity.

DISCLAIMER: The contents of this site are not intended to replace the professional medical or legal advice of a licensed practitioner. If you are seeking medical advice you should consult a properly qualified physician.


As an introduction into the topic MGM, we recommend to read the Circumpendium.

In the future, we will also provide all available information about Intactivists all over the world and about possible methods of restoration of the foreskin.

By September 2019, IntactiWiki also holds and maintains 670 articles adopted from the IntactWiki which will be switched off somewhen in the future.

If you are interested in contributing content to the IntactiWiki, please write an email to info at intactiwiki dot org. We don't give free write access to the public in order to keep away spam and trolls.

Current events

Bloodstained Men

2020 West Coast Circumcision Crisis Protests

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